I believe that you are all already knew that pearl is one of the most valuable gems  in the world. Among the classic jewelry , such as diamond, sapphire, ruby, and more, the pearl has a special place in the heart of it fans.

One  I am not sure yet, is… did you know that most of the best, the most beautiful and most valuable pearls on the world market have come from Indonesia?
Yup… it was called Indonesian South Sea Pearl.

South Sea Pearl is a kind of pearl  produced by Pinctada Maxima Oyster. They are known as the largest size among other variety of pearls like Akoya  Pearl (Japan)  or Tahitian Black Pearl (French Polynesia), also the richest in the variety of colors and shapes. Wow !!


The South Sea Pearl genuine habitat was stretched between  India and  Pacific Ocean. From the northern Australian sea  to the southern China sea. Nowadays, the cultivation territory of South Sea Pearl, located in   Indonesia, Australia, Philippine  and Burma .

Indonesia is  the largest area of cultivating. Spread between Sumatera, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku to Papua. With the warm tropical , rich of plankton water , give the best result in quality for cultivated pearls like   biggest  size, deep orient, bright luster, vibrant undertone and metallic skin sometimes.

Peta Wilayah Budidaya Indonesian South Sea Pearl. Sumber : Indonesian Pearl Festival 2016
Peta Wilayah Budidaya Indonesian South Sea Pearl.
Sumber : Indonesian Pearl Festival 2016

The common size of South Sea Pearl starts  from 8 mm to 20 mm. And the average size is 12 mm. Sometimes the size more of 20 mm can be found but it was extremely rare. Compare with Akoya Pearl size that has only  from  2 mm to  10 mm,  or 7 mm in average.

The range of color of South Sea Pearl starts from white,  cream , aqua, blue and family tone , to silver. Another color of yellow, champagne to gold also completing the beautiful variation of its color.

More than that, South Sea Pearl has unique distinguish qualities like the brightness , the luster , the thickness of nacre, and the shape. You can find it shape from the round, the near round, the tear drop, until the unsymmetric called baroque.

Round Golden Pearl. pict from : pearl-indonesia.blogspot.co.id
Round Golden Pearl
Oval Golden Pearl
Tears Drop Golden Pearl
Tears Drop Golden Pearl









Baroque white and cream pearls








All the pictures above come from pearl-indonesia.blogspot.co.id

Beside it shapes,  other grades classified a pearl , like surface, color and luster. That’s why the best grade always mark with A, with AA for two grades and “AAAA” for four grades.


South Sea Pearl is winning in all quality . That’s why the price also talks louder. Unfortunately,  people didn’t aware yet that Indonesia is the best place to buy the best, the most beautiful, yet affordable pearls.

Indonesia Pearl Festival 2016

Indonesian Pearl Festival 2016
Indonesian Pearl Festival 2016

To develop, boost and strengthens the brand of Indonesian South Sea Pearl, Indonesian Marine and Fisheries Ministry under The Directorate General of Processing and Marketing of Fishery initiated  a kind of Festival called Indonesian Pearl Festival. Started at 2011, the Festival now is in it 6th.

Indonesian Pearl Festival 2016 will be held on  9-13 November 2016 in Lippo Mall Kemang, Jakarta.  There will me more than 50 vendors to show their beautiful products of Indonesian South Sea Pearl Jewelry.



One of thing that encouraging is the growing of enthusiasm both from the  vendors and from the visitors. Seen increase in number from year to year. The average recorded transactions as much as 20 Billion Rupiahs in each festival.

So if you are a pearl enthusiast, don’t miss this  rare and precious moment. Come and see the beauty of Indonesian South Sea Pearl which is the best and the most beautiful in the World.