Wednesday , Marc 9th 2016 will be a historical moment for Indonesia.  For at that time, almost 3000 Scientists from all  around the world will be come to Indonesia. A  magnet  to attract them is a very rare  celestial sight, Total Solar Eclipse 2016.


Indonesia is a very fortunate country on the Equator line wich is traversed by the sun. There are at least 12 regions will be used as observation points.

Acording to Javanesse myth , the Total Solar Eclipse happened when Bathara Kala, a giant evil  who alaways disturbs the peace of inhabitants of heaven and earth. Then  Bathara Guru drove him. In his anger, Bathara Kala  swallowed the sun to make the earth dark.

Fortunately, The  Astronomists finally found that, The Total Solar Eclipse happens when  The Sun, The Moon and The Earth  in a line together.  When the moon passes directly in a front of the Sun, it’s  created dark, giant shaddow on earth. The largest shadow called PENUMBRA. It will occur to some largest areas  on the surface of  earth. The small shadow called UMBRA, on the earth wich is Umbra occurs, people can observe the Total Solar Eclipse.  And this time, Indonesia will be the luckiest country,  Indonesia is The Best Place To  Witness it.

Sighting the Total Solar Eclipse directly is really danger. For it X-rays is really powerful and can damage the retina and lead to vision loss.
Some  Scientist use special filter on lens to observe this phenomena.

However, people around the globe can see it through a live streaming video on their computer. From Micronesia (another part of earth that also hit by The Total Solat Eclipse), there will be a webcast , beginning  at 8 pm ET Tuesday at or NASA TV. 

Specially in Surabaya wich the moment will be running on 2 hours and 18 minutes, some Astronomic Clubs will gather in Ken Park. A beach region in eastern Surabaya. You can watch the report at

Some Cities in Sumatera Island, Kalimantan and Maluku  can be the best place to witness The Total Solar Eclipse 2016 , suc as : Mentawai, Palembang, Bangka Belitung, Tanjung Pandan, Sampit, Palangkaraya, Balikpapan, Palu, Poso, Luwuk, and Ternate.


However, many other cities, from the east to the west regions of Indonesia can be the place to witnes it in random time and procentage of  totally eclipse.


So enjoy the Total Solar Eclipse while exploring The Beauty nature  and traditions of Indonesia, or watch live streaming webcast from your lappy. Cheers