Seventeen Lounge Harris Pop Gubeng, A Cozy Ambience in Elegance

We often thinking of  far away places. Sometimes we imagine ourself standing at the top of Eiffel Tower in the – who don’ t know that city in the world? Or we dreaming to watch cinemas at Skyscraper’s Observation Deck at The New York  Empire State Building, then walking on Fifth Avenue to spend  our credit cards limit at the world class -owned by  celebrity designers- boutiques. Or might be only to have dinner at the famous neighbour landmark. The Twin Towers at KL.

Ah, who doesn’t has that dreams?  As literate information and technology people, surely you are understand what  it means. Yeah, even me too, sometimes. And i even imagined some of novel or movie scenes i wrote whith  that places as setting , haha. Uppss…

I was driving alone that day when my cellphone ringing and a strange number displayed on the screen. Though,  have a bit doubt, I lifted the phone and spoke politely as possible.

“Hello, Titi is speaking..”

“Hi Ti, can we meet? ”

“Who’s this?”

“Coudn;t you recognize my voice?”

“Nita? is that you? are you in Surabaya, now?”

“Yes, it’s  me, let’s meet up, Dear”

Wow,  and the story began. She was my High School friend. And she works  in  a foreign contractor company. Began with her experience at one of contractor company in Indonesia, she then went to Dubai and then Mauritius in Africa Continent. An island state at the South West of Indian Ocean or about  900 kms eastern Madagascar.

Wah, so far away, right? where is the place exactly? just go to Google to find it, LOL.

And we started looking for some attractive, peaceful, cozy spots arround Surabaya. Hmm, how if Somerset? the food at the restaurant was so nice.You can read my review about Somerset here. But Somerset is far from my house, Lol, so we were looking for other alternative, and finally we found this  Seventeen Lounge at Harris Pop Hotel, Gubeng, Surabaya. And here we were:



Located at the down town. Harris Pop hotel was relatively easily accessible from several directions. And the pop modern interior made this hotel so eye cathing. From the simple, modern and fresh interior at the lobby. Continued to the attractive designs at every floors in it.

After we saw the pictures at it website, we then decided to go to the 17’th floor. It was Seventeen SkyView Resto and Lounge.



First impression, the place was so quiet, only a few guests, whith  elegant interior. Made this place so exclusive. Every corner, designed uniquely. With different model of furniture. Mix of modern and classic   ornaments and decorations , make the ambience was so pleasant.



Stained glass windows along the walls, providing sufficient sunlight brightly  but not blinding. Through it, you can see the beautiful view over the city of Surabaya. So you can imagine you are in The Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building  or in Twin Towers KL, haha. Whichever you are free to choose to imagine, it’s your right. At least you can still see the roof top of some buildings without the need to go all the way out of the country and still on budget, right?jendela2-seventeenlounge


And the drink and food were really satifying, We ordered Tropical fame, such juice mix of fruits with soda, and some other juices. We choose two kind of east and west foods, Martabak and Bruschettas. Hmm was really good.






martabak and bruschettas



So next time you need to go to meet your friends, do considerate this #SeventeenLounge at #HarrisPopGubeng and take some #Snapsseventeenlounge as your memorable moments. It’s  worth.







15 pemikiran pada “Seventeen Lounge Harris Pop Gubeng, A Cozy Ambience in Elegance

  1. hariyanto wijoyo interior-nya asyik, nggak monoton..theme black & white nampak dominan….
    maaf baru sempat mampir ke blog super keren ini…keep happy blogging always…salam dari makassar-banjarbaru 🙂

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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