Puncak Ayanna, A Place To Escape

Feeling bore with your routine job ? Wanting a pause from  your daily business? Dreaming a peaceful atmosphere that different with the crowded traffic jam  or the hectic  full streesing of your daily to do lists?

Then,  Puncak Ayanna might be one of the place that can fullfill your dream.

The Villas at Puncak Ayanna


A wide space resort. Located at the green mountaineous hill. With a hundred or more rooms. Devided at various rates. All are facing the open green fields.  The Puncak Ayanna serves a beautiful view , complete with blue mountains around as the vocal point. Sometimes you can see some white clouds moving from down to top,  covering the mountains. Amazing.

Framming Blue Mountain

When yo spend your week ends in Puncak Ayanna, you can totally isolate yourself from the bussy world or if you want to take control of your business. You can still do it. It is your choice.

In this modern era, if you have good connection,   it doesn’t matter wheter you life in the big city or in the remote areas. You can still  became productive or totally isolated and take a rest.

Panoramic View

So if you decide to escape for a while. Do considerate this Puncak Ayyana. A resort on top of Trawas Hill, Mojokerto, East Java.

You can also spend your time by walking around to see the green fields owned by local farmers.  Or by swimming in the pool. Sometimes a group of people doing games at the yard in front of rooms. There are some choiches activities.



Swimming Pool

O, ya, can you imagine, how it feel, when the night comes? Wow darkness surounds the villa.  it felt  bit screaming if you looked at  somewhere far away

Plus the  distinctive sound of crickets coming from the rice fields around the villa. Hmm..imagine there is a shadow of a lady with white gown, hahaha. Kidding.

But the lamps at the villas looked so beautiful, just like stars.  Here is the video of the night atmosphere in Puncak Ayanna.

What a beautiful night panoramic, and so romantic, right. So if you plan a quite, hassle free  honeymoon. The Puncak Ayanna is the right place. Might be  you will be reluctant to end your hiding time  here. Wew… So make sure you bring enaugh your favourite  foods and snacks there. Becouse no shop or supermarket around the place. It was totally isolated. You just depent on the Villa’s  restaurant. And i can’t guarantee if  you can find your favourite meals there.

For your information. There are three types of rooms.

Deluxe Rooms, have  1 bedroom.

Source: Puncak Ayanna Website

Sun Rise Cottages, have 3 bedrooms and 1 living room.

Source : Puncan Ayanna Website

Sri Kedaton Villas, have 5 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen  and 1 karaoke room


Source: Puncak Ayanna Website

As for the room rates, you can contact  at

Telephone: 0343-885885

 Fax: 0343-885899

Or you can go to it address : Jalan Udayana 9 Desa Trawas Mojokerto , East Java.

Umm, sorry , at some pictures i wrote, Ayyana Resort, Tretes Pandaan. The right address was in the above. Cheers


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    1. Aahh tidak lagi Say, Aireni Biroe, karena aku baru tahu kalo kita bisa embed URL dari instagram, semua video aku taroh diinstagram, dan sekarang bisa dinikmati di blog ini. Cek ya ada 3 video yg menawan


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