Kaleidoskop 2015 Titi, Part 3

Hai There, have you  read my previous Caleidoscope 2015 part 1 and 2 ? If not , so you can go here. Now let’s continue to the part 3. Here you are

Juli 2015

It was Eid Al Fitri, so i spent time with my family. It was a family gathering.

Eid Fitri Meal, the cookies made by Atiqa Cookies


The Girls in Our Family


August 2015

August was awesome, in the early  I attended  a special occasion. It was Indonesian Products Exhibition.   PPI  2015 (Pameran Product Indonesia  2015) was held in Exhibition Hall Grand City Mall. 6-9 August 2015
There were so much beautiful and wonderful products produced by Indonesian. From batik to SHOES. From bicycle to Building Lift. From Car to Airplane.I am so proud of them.

Taking Picture before Opening Ceremonial of PPI2015
Opening Ceremonial of PPI 2015
Industrial  Minister , Saleh Husin was visiting Louser Lift Boot
Boot Wisanka Furniture


Indonesian Leather Shoes
Batik Indonesia

September 2015

Still in the same place, Exhibition Hall, Grand City Mall, Surabaya.There was a Fashion Show of Batik, Embroidery and Accecories.

2015-05-20 09.39.54
2015-05-17 18.37.07-1

In the September , I  atended a workshop, how to manage Umrah Backpacker by Ustadz Hadi Fatahillah

Umrah Backpacker Hadi Fatahillah


Umrah Backpacker Workshop Ustadz Hadi Fatahillah


October 2015

We have a seminar about How to manage finance wisely at Arthotel Surabaya
With Sunlife Financial.



2015-09-14 14.15.23-1

I have atended a workshop for woman, a Woman Talk “How to Deal With Domestic Violence” with Mba Irma Rahayu, a Soul Healer and Mba Aisha Maharani. You can also read the complete story here

Mba Aisha Maharani
KDRT by Mba Irma Rahayu


Workshop Audiences
Blogger Surabaya were taking picture with Mba Irma Rahayu and Mba Aisha Maharani


Nopember 2015

Yeiyyyy.. The Most Exiciting moment for Bloggers,  was atending FunBlogging7 with three Hero Bloggers, Teh Ani Berta, Mba Haya Aliyah Zaki and The Geek Mom, Mba Shinta Rhies. It was so much FUN and memorable moment. We got so much knowledge about “How To Blog Properly and How To Monetize Our Blogs” Yeeyyy…

Gambar milik Blogger Perempuan
QFunBlogging7 Banner


Mba Haya Sedang memberi materi di acara #FunBlogging7 -Gambar Koleksi Pribadi
Mba Haya was presenting how to make a good content, picture took by myself
Maaf Mba Shinta Rhies, saya ngga punya gambar Mba Shinta yang sendirian
Three Hero Bloggers
Semua peserta FunBlogging7, foto koleksi Mba Shinta Rhies
Complete Formation of QFunBlogging Audiens , picture was collection of Mba Shinta

Involved in a Model Acompinying to Woman and The Teen in order to use Internet wisely and productively by Minister of  Empowerment of Woman and Protection for Childreen. Garden Palace Hotel, Surabaya


Internet For Asean
Lunch  Time, Garden Palace Hotel
Mba Ani Berta was teaching the audiences how to make a blog
Mba Ani Berta was teaching the audiences how to make a blog
Titi Alfa Khairia, Dalam Acara Pendampingan Pemanfaatan TIK bagiPerempuan oleh Kementrian Pemberdayaan Perempuan Dan Perlindungan Anak. Garden Palace Hotel, Surabaya

December 2015

I was attending, a gathering managed by Tabloid Nova to know more about Autobacs a car service station from Japan.

Nova Club Members were Gathering at Autobacs Surabaya
Cute and fungtional silicon pillows


And We spendt  time in Sommerset at The Medical Staffs and Family Seminar  during  School Holidays. Thanks GOD.


The Kiddos beside the Pool of SomerHotel
The Kiddos beside the Pool of Somerset Hotel

The Exictements and Blessing will continue  in December and hopefully all of the years ahead , Aameen

Thanks for reading and watching pictures. May Allah bless you all. 🙂




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