You might be never knew that Indonesia has so many talented artists. From composers to singers. From designers to models. From painters to cartoonists or animators. Many of them have world  achievement.  The only problem they faced is, not all of them got  the luck to be known by world. Some of them, like animators,   faced the financial problem. For your information, to make a such 2 minutes animation film, they need 2 billion amount of  cash (in Rupiahs). Could you imagine? that’s why many Indonesian animators only can be the drawer of foreign animation production houses. So sad situation.

But i found someone in a very brave indie production house that consisting of the youth creative brave dreamers. Hafshoh  Hebz Mubarak , a lady who become a director of  several indie films. She join in HOMPIMPA, a brave independent production house. From her and her friends’ hands born an animation series “Knight of Damascus”.  An animation film series that show story of Khalid Ibn Jaffar  a fictional character in  era of Jerusalem Conquest . Of course there was  Salahuddin Al Ayyubi as the great Moslem Commander in history.

I believe, this Knight of  Damascus will be one of  the phenomenal animation series in the world. Enjoy